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  J. Bridges | Host Of After Dark – I’m not only just another radio personality. I’m the voice from behind the mic, as well as the creator of The 902 ~ HXIR. The conception of even the idea of being involved in, or let alone, owning an internet based radio station, started many years ago, when I was heavily involved in the production and editing of tape, which, over the years, became that of a “Moving Wavefile”.   I guess it all really got kicked off to a start, back in 2014. About early spring of 2014, a few friends and I were conversing of the “Old Days” of commercial radio, where if there was editing that had to be done, or media that needed to be queued, … You did it.  And from there,  the coversation went from “The Old Days”, to the present.

  Speed things up by three months, and then, on July, 1, 2014, Bridgeview Internet Radio went live, online. A few short months, later, we were in a situation of “Legal Limbo”.  This would mean changing the general stature of the station, or as it is called, “Re-Branding”. After having achieved this, it was onward and forward.  After a year, we acquired, and began setting up this home page.  During which, there were many trials and tribulations.  First, COVID 19, then to be followed by issue, after issue, with the home page going down, for whatever reason.

  Finally, here we are, some ten years later, and we have two shows on air. with room for more shows and events. So, over the years, with help and advice from professionals in the realm of radio, The 902 ~ HXIR has developed from what the station was, back in 2014, to that of a station, of quality content and sound, that our listeners have come to know, over the years.

Gordon Heffler  | Host Of Look For A Star – 



Josh Brown | (Former Host Of Retro Dace Party) | Web Tech –  Back in the early days of The 902 ~ HXIR, I used to host Retro Dance Party.  Although, a somwhat eclectic Disco era style, the show was the almost perfect example of some of the types and genres of music, that I had grown up with listening to, and became familliar with.  And as short of a timespan that the show had aired, the show was part of the history of the station. I then had to back away from it, due to other events that were taking place, at that time.

  I have long since taken to other interests, and, as some call it, “ADL”, or average daily life. But this does not perclude an interest in webpage design, and coding, that I have taken to, over the past number of years.  Retro Dance Party may very well “Possibly” be returning to the virtual airwaves, but for the forseeable future, there is much unsurety, as I am at another of those multi-path junctures, in life. So, for the time being, I am finding that time is of great value, and so much to be done, and little time, within days, weeks, or months to attempt to accomplish it all, in such limited time.

  Between the breaks, there are few moments, where I do get to enjoy  those interests that also give me the time to relax and unwind.  Some of which, are my interest in web design, and coding, which is only a small fraction, of many intersts that I have.

   Which is why I am only so glad to be of help, in keeping The 902 ~ HXIR home page, up and runnung.  I will be honest, that as much of a pain in the proverbial aspect, as this can be at times, I consider it, both a pleasure,  and an honour to make use of this skill.