Look For A Star

I am Gordon Heffler, the host and producer of this program weekly..Look For A Star. I have some necessary comments to make here for the clarification of those to whom it may concern..I do this program weekly and have done so for more than 20 consecutive years and I, like most other presenters on non profit stations, do this program as a volunteer contribution to the betterment of community and Christian radio stations we do not receive any remuneration what-so-ever from anyone for donating these programs live or pre-recorded for broadcast on those stations. I personally do this program because of my love of the music that I share with the many loyal listeners that the program has. This is the music that has shaped my life since 1954 and the music that I literally lived my life to and it is this music that I love to share with both those that lived thru some or all of it as well or those that may have not ever heard some of it but wish to expand their listening enjoyment by hearing music of the past.Look For A Star is not a public opinion or an open line show…it is a accurate presentation of some of the musics and leanings of the 1960’s and 50’s in pop and country as presented by one who was there.The majority of my listeners appreciate both hearing and remembering the music I share from my years ago…however recently I have been made aware of a small minority who wish to complain about either my pronunciation of a word here and there or my comments about my personal opinion of some of the music or even that I might make a comment that might suggest some political view…To those detractors I say that my over 70 years of experience in listening to pop and country music on radio gives me the freedom and right to comment on my personal opinion about the music that I play and to do so with the high school English that I possess and thus if what I say, what I play, or my personal experiences with this music does not resonate with interest to you then it is your power alone as a listener to turn your radio off or to another frequency or to browse elsewhere to hear what you wish….BUT if you are staying here with me to hear the volunteer programming that I provide then I promise, as usual, a nostalgic trip down music’s memory lane with some personal memories of my own along the way which are presented honestly and sincerely to provide you solely with clean entertainment for your ears

                                                   Look For A Star Weekly Feature

    Each week, Gordon shines the spotlight on a different group, performer, genre, or era. You can either click the image, below, or click “HERE” to contact the show, or the host.