What Sort Of Year Will 2023 Be?


   From the start, 2022 was rife with issues. We dealt with everything from the still ongoing effects of #COVID19, to the Ottawa Convoy Protest. Then, Vladimir Putin tried yet again, to use his lack of military might, to conquer The Ukraine. Only to have the people of Ukraine, rise up against this ongoing failed attempt, by Putin. Now, as result, we are facing issues such as higher food prices, fuel prices, and the hopefully soon to be quelled, threat of world war. In late 2022, we saw the banks’ prime lending / interest rate jump to 4.5%. Inflation grew by 8% right across the scale.

   Being hopeful, one can only sumnise that things will settle down, by late 2023. Most economists are saying that recession is looming, in 2023, but they are hopeful that this recession will be short lived, and that we should see the end of it, before the end of 2023.

Written by: Jim Smith

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