This Week On Look For A Star

. This week, Gordon Heffler shines the spotlight on the career, music, and life of Leslie Gore.  We will look back appropriately at the life and music of Leslie Gore. Born in New York and becoming a big teenage (female) star through “The Brill Building” she turned out hit after hit for her teenage audience in the 1960’s while still attending High School. The music biz pressure painted her as a typical female star of the day in the image of Connie Francis,Linda Scott,Connie Stevens etc BUT Leslie knew she had the feelings of a lesbian and had to hide all that until she finally “came out” in 1983 after which she wrote and recorded song lyrics that both told the story of her earlier secret life and tried to present her views of the public regarding that form of sexuality.  This LFAS program just touches on the above and is in good taste for all audiences of any age. Tune in, Friday Evening at 6:00, Sunday Evening at 6:00, or Monday evening at 6:00.  To listen live, click HERE.

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