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The “Smack” That Was Heard Around The World

today30 March 2022 33


   J. T. ~ As most saw events unfold, during this years Oscars Awards,  on Sunday night. A friend of mine posted the “Uncensored” version, of that “Smack” that was heard, around the world. To me, this brought to mind, a conversation that I had with a friend, about a person’s physical attributes, and how & why such came to be. For those of you who witnessed Will Smith, hitting Chris Rock, by now, you have probably come to the same summation, as I, myself have.

   Both were in the wrong, and yet, right.  Obviously, the lesson to be learned here, is that of the virtues of “Understanding” and “Compassion“.  Most times, depending on numerous random factors, such as environment, race, heredity, Etc., can play a role in a person’s attributes.  It was made well known, that Will Smith’s wife, was afflicted by a condition, known as “Aplasia“. So, what gives Chris Rock, any right to even crack a joke about this? It might have been in Chris Rock’s best interest, to have worded his speech, a little differently,  More to the point of  focusing on the positive aspects of that of  Jada Pickett-Smith, rather than focusing on a condition, that is not of her avail to control, nor her choosing.

   Basically, most of you are probably as stunned and baffled, as I am, after having read the latest headlines, about Will Smith, “Probably”  receiving no more that a “Slap“, even if he does end up, being charged with assault. What is your take, on this whole debacle? Would things have turned out differently, if Chris Rock had used a little common sense, when it came his turn, to speak on stage, at The Oscar Awards Ceremonies, on Sunday nigh?  Give us your thoughts, on this, on our Facebook Page.

Written by: Jim Smith

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