For weeks, people have been messaging us, curious as to when this cold winter weather, will come to it’s end.  We “Could” say that anytime after March, 21, but here in The Maritimes, there could be snow on the ground, into late April.  We do, however, recognise that it is getting close to the time of year, when daylight hours start getting longer. Therefore, we can tell you, with great certainty, that Standard Time, ends on March, 13th at 2:00 AM.

Thus, Daylight Saving Time Begins.  We therefore recommend that you set your clock, one hour ahead, late evening, on Saturday, March 12th. Over the past number of years, there has been talk of setting the time, once and forever. This has not come to pass, as of yet.  Once it does, we will all soon, know. What is your opinion, regarding what has become a twice a year ritual? Are you amongst the many, who would sooner switch, and stay with that current time? Hit us up on our Twitter, of Facebook page.

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Written by: Jim Smith

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