So, With Less Than A Month Left, …


The rush is on, to find that perfect gift.  Still, we find that we are in the midst of that great debate.  Do we express our greetings, “Traditionally”? Or do we generalize, by expressing “Happy Holidays”?  Both sides of this debate, have valid points.  We don’t want to offend, but we also want to keep it traditional.

Throughout the years, this topic has created much debate.  We will not express our greetings, one way, or the other.  After all, Canada is a great nation, with many cultural holidays, and reasons for the event, of that particular holiday.  It isn’t like expressing greetings, by saying “Merry Christmas”, is either politically correct, or incorrect.  So, instead of debating over whether one expression of greeting, be correct, rather than the other, Let us just rejoice, and be thankful for the freedom of expression, and the many simple and finer things, that for which; the holiday, celebrates. So, from all of us, here at The 902 ~ HXIR, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, “Merry Christmas”,  “Joyeux Noël”, “Happy Holidays”, or “Season’s Greetings”.  And all of the best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

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