J. T. —  The razor that you use to shave?  The soap & detergent that you use to clean? And let us not forget about those technologies that you use every day, to get where you need to be? It all involves “Science“, in one way, or another.  There is no dark magic, or Government control.  It is just good old fashioned knowledge, that science works!!  So, why is it, that so many are listening to mis-information propaganda? YES!! It is your right to express your opinion. But however, this does not give you the right to vandalize property, nor does it give you any right to put the lives of others, in jeopardy, because you believe that it is your right, not to get vaccinated against #COVID19. I am proud to be a Canadian, … Proud to have the rights and privileges, offered to me, by our charter of rights.  But, I also know that our charter of rights has safeguards, written into it, that prevent such things as hatred, oppression, and dictatorship, from happening. I am, by no means, “Pro Government”, but from my youth, I have learned to put trust in those who govern this fine country, until it is proven otherwise. At which point, there is usually an election, and someone else has that job.

So, what is your take-away, from the protest, in Ottawa, this past weekend?  Were the truckers able to get their message out?  And do you believe that those who committed those acts of vandalism and public indecency, should be dealt with, by the fullest extent of the law? Hit us up on our Facebook page.

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Written by: Jim Smith

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