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BRRR!! You Know Winter Is On It’s Way, When, …

     It is that time of year, when both the temperature, and the forecast is all over the map.  Here is your 6 day forecast for Halifax, via Environment Canada. Today, Sunny. Wind northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 13. UV index 3 or moderate. Tonight Clear. Becoming partly cloudy overnight. Wind northwest 20 km/h…..

OH NO – Not Again?

Sorry folks, but we’re at it, again.  We will be offline this afternoon, from 1:00 PM, for an hour or so.  We are making much needed upgrades to our studio, So that we will be better able to accommodate our valued listeners.  This outage “Should Be” as quick and painless as possible.  We will try to…..

Fall Back.

   It would see that that time of year, will soon be upon us, again.  On Sunday, November, 5th at 2:00 AM, Clocks go back, one hour.

We’re Changing Out Some Things

   As mentioned, in an earlier post, … Over the next week or so, we’re making some small mods to our station.  Some things that you may notice, will be  more light rock, and dance / pop.  Keep your eyes and ears open!!

Forecast For The Next Six Days

  Today, Mainly sunny. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 21. UV index 4 or moderate. Tonight A few clouds. Increasing cloudiness after midnight. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. Low 14. Thu, 5 Oct Clearing. Wind west 20 km/h. High 22. Night Cloudy periods. Low 13. Fri, 6 Oct Cloudy with 30…..

Renovations Slated To Begin, Next Week

Starting at the end of this week, we will be noticeably conspicuous by our absence.  Hopefully, if all goes well, you will still be able to access most of the content, on our website. When everything is said and done,  we will have a new look.  Please be patient.  Rome was not built, in a day. …..

The Best Way To Deal With DPRK.

Possibly a bit far fetched, but perhaps a good social engineering experiment of a massive scale.  Instead of using conventional or nuclear weapons, use of some common technology, may very well bring this conflict, to it’s end. And here is how.   By just simply flying stealth bombers over North Korea, dropping thousands and thousands of…..

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Whether it be local, regional, or world news; check out Halifax Newschaser for all of the latest local news,  weather, traffic, and events.  Coverage also includes posts from local and national, and international media.  connect with  Halifax Newschaser on social media, on Facebook,  by clicking Here.  Or tweet to Halifax Newschaser on Twitter, by clicking Here.

Great News For Music Lovers!!

      Although we have had more than our share of outages, lately.  We have decided on keeping our commercial free format.  We have also made changes to our studios, and streaming capabilities.  We are now carried on seven different audio streaming services.  Those of which, now include the newest addition, *Reciva.   just search us at: Reciva. …..

Is She Coming?

Hurricane Maria?  Perhaps it is too soon to tell.  It is expected to be off New York, by week’s end.  

Just A Reminder, … .

Please be advised that we will be offline for a few hours, Monday, while we make upgrades to our online streaming capability.   The upgrade should only take a few hours.  This will allow us to stream to a somewhat larger listening audience, and improve the quality of our sound.  This is expected to occur between 7:30…..

Coming Soon!!

An all new morning show, right here on The 902 ~ HXIR, Featuring all of your favourite tunes, and of course, your host, J. T. Stryker.   All New, coming soon. Stay tuned for details. The 902 ~ HIR – Halifax & Area Internet Radio