Although, the news media ban on Facebook, was Meta’s response to The Canadian Government Legislation meant to force social media to pay media outlets, an “Equitable Amount”,  for news coverage on social media, Bill C-18 which has  been given royal assent, as of June 22, 2023, has had the opposite effect.  Not only has C-18 had the opposit effect of what it’s purpose is, but it has had individuals, and businesses fleeing Meta platforms.  There are multitudes of people who garner their local, and world news, from social media. There are even those within the news media realm, to which this is causing harm to their bottom line.


   Enen though Bill C-18 was meant to remunerate those who make their living, within the realm of news media, Bill C-18 has done nothing but create havoc. This legislation is creating rifts, within the country, and between those from within news media.  Still, questions remain about whether this legislation is meant to compensate the news media, for their contribution as content to social media, or whether this is yet, another ploy, by Goverment, to silence news media? This legislation may very well be short lived, in books of law, whereby, was said to be poorly written , and just thrown together, by it’s critics.  It has also not only caused rifts, but has nearly been the demise of this station, and it’s attributes and collaborators. We do, however, plan to stick with it!!  This isn’t over yet!!   Will this cause the demise of Canada, as a country, too?  STAY TUNED!!

Written by: Jim Smith

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