Have You Seen Shannon Park, Lately?


Shannon Park is a former Department of National Defence (DND) site dating back to 1949. The property is strategically located on the Halifax Harbour, in the North Dartmouth area of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

Canada Lands Company acquired approximately 82 acres (33 hectares) of the Shannon Park site from the Department of National Defence in March 2014. The total area of the site is approximately 96.5 acres (39 hectares), large portions of which have significant water frontage and offer a large relatively flat area suitable for development. Steeper areas around the edge of the site offer views out over the harbour.

Canada Lands will act as master land developer in the redevelopment of the property, and in this role will: undertake public consultation; prepare a redevelopment plan; make application and gain municipal planning approval; install roads and services (in phases, as appropriate); and market and sell services lots or blocks to builders (in phases, as appropriate).

Originally the site housed a small community including 421 apartment units, a Canex, two schools, two churches, four storage facilities, an arena, swimming pool, community centre, and a large sports field. The majority of these buildings were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s, while the Canex was built in 1987.

The site was fully occupied by DND personnel until the announcement of the realty rationalization plan in 2001. With that announcement, DND personnel started leaving the site and by 2003, all DND personnel were accommodated elsewhere and all buildings, with the exception of the arena, Canex, community centre and school, were vacated.

About CLC

Canada Lands Company (CLC) operates in many towns and cities all across Canada, helping to create strong, vibrant and sustainable communities from properties that are no longer needed for program purposes by the Government of Canada. As a self-financing, commercial non-agent Crown corporation, CLC is subject to all municipal zoning legislation applicable to its projects, in the same manner as a private sector company would be.

Long before the first shovel hits the ground, CLC seeks input from municipalities and the public on the best possible reuse of each property and how it can meet the needs of local residents, both now and in the future.

For more information about Canada Lands Company and its work across Canada, please visit its corporate website at clc.ca.

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