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Freedom Convoy — A “Look Back” At The Past 3 Weeks — {Protest Or Siege?}

today21 February 2022 18


   Over the past 3 weeks, our nation’s capital was under siege, by those, calling this, “The Freedom Convoy”. At first,it started out as a “Somewhat Legit” protest, but it would seem as though other interest groups had decided to attach their own agendas to the growing protest. All this, going on for three (3) weeks,  while the authorities allowed it to continue, as local residents were forced to stay in, off the streets, basically being held hostage, in their own neighbourhood.  As we all know, that soon after the second week, there was much debate about whether or not to invoke “The Emergencies Act”,  at which point, it soon was.  As said by Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson “The Police Were Needed To Bring This, To It’s End.” Our question is, could this happen, here in Halifax? Hit us up on Facebook, with your answer.

   Images, via CTV News, CBC News, and Ottawa’s Freelance Photography.

Written by: Jim Smith

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