DJ Jazzy Jeff Knight Away On Sabbatical

   Hey everyone!!  I am away for this week, visiting with family, so for this week, J.T. Stryker will be my “Stand-In”.  I am hoping you will enjoy the show.  I’ll be back in Master Control, next week. This week, I have selected some tracks that I am sure you will enjoy, as we take a listen to contemporary rock, during this week’s show.


I do hope that everyone has had as awesome of an Easter weekend, as I have had!!  I am anxious to be back at the controls. Next week’s show will be just as entertaining, as this week’s show. So, tune in as J.T. Stryker presents The Zone, Contemporary Rock Edition.  Friday evenings and Sunday evenings, at 8:00 PM.  Right here on The 902 ~ HXIR – Halifax & Area Internet Radio.

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