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Newly Added 7 Day Forecast Will Give Clarity For The Week, Ahead

New Weather Graphic Added For Ease & Convenience   We have just recently added a "Day-By-Day" forecast block, to make it easier to plan your work, or leisure activities, around the weather. This feature is updated often. Please check back often, as we try to keep it as accurate, as possible, by updating the forecast, at least 2 times per day. Our forecast comes directly from Environment Canada's Halifax Forecast […]

today13 April 2022 34

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The “Smack” That Was Heard Around The World

   J. T. ~ As most saw events unfold, during this years Oscars Awards,  on Sunday night. A friend of mine posted the "Uncensored" version, of that "Smack" that was heard, around the world. To me, this brought to mind, a conversation that I had with a friend, about a person's physical attributes, and how & why such came to be. For those of you who witnessed Will Smith, hitting […]

today30 March 2022 36

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We Are Back!!

After a rather lengthy hiatus, we are back!!  Often, when there are high winds, in excess of 90 Km/h, there can be wide-spread damage, and power outages.  Yesterday, and last night, was no exception.  At one point, winds we measured at well over 112 Km/h.  That means that we had what is known as a "Cat 1" hurricane. Although, at this time, there are still parts of the province of […]

today13 March 2022 13

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A “Time” Honoured Tradition?

    It is getting to be that time of the year, when we start seeing more hours of daylight. Over the past number of years, there has been much debate, as to whether or not to keep having to set the time one hour ahead, in the spring, and one hour back, in the autumn.  Do we really need to keep this practice, or should we just “Set It […]

today10 March 2022 22

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Special Weather Statement From Environment Canada

                                                    Statements 10:48 AM AST Thursday 24 February 2022 Special weather statement in effect for: Halifax Metro and Halifax County West Significant snowfall expected on Friday. Total snowfall: 10 to 20 cm, possibly higher over parts of the South Shore. Maximum wind gusts: 40 km/h […]

today24 February 2022 26

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A Few “Bugs” Still In The System

Just a few short months ago, we changed out our home page.  There have been a few issues that have come to pass, over the last week.  However, our web tech is working on resolving these issues. As you can guess,  designing and implementing a home page, can be fraught with all kinds of complex scripts, and codes that have to interact, and sometimes, clash with each other. We are […]

today24 February 2022 36

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Restrictions Lifting, “Immanent”

With restrictions set to be lifted in the next 3 weeks, are we letting it all go, a bit too soon, after 2 years of hard work, and effort?  Or, have we actually reached, what some are calling "The Endemic"? With mounting pressure from business, and tourism sectors, to that of some who want no restrictions, at all, ... Did our elected officials bend to all of this mounting pressure?  […]

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Gotta Try, “Freedom Soup”?

23 Days, and counting.  As this protest drags on, police & protestors clash.  It would seem that a small minority are the "Few", who have this radical idealism of stopping mandates, and over-throwing the government.  Without Government, What do we have? "Total Anarchy", is what you end up with. 98% of Canadians, polled, want this dealt with, and over.  What is your take on the on-going protests taking place in […]

today19 February 2022 37 2

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Storm Warnings / Special Weather Statements Issued By Environment Canada

Today, Friday, into Saturday, Halifax is under a few weather warnings and / or special weather statements.  First, a rainfall warning, giving an approximate total of 40 - 60 mm. A wind warning has also been issued. Winds are expected to gust up to 80 Km/h, on through Today, over night, tonight, and into Friday.  Included in the barrage of weather statements, is also a "Flash Freeze" warning, which will […]

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