Changes Are Coming

. Within the next few weeks, we are hoping to switch over to a new technology, which will allow for smooth switchover between internal, and external sources.  Basically, we are aiming to make our broadcast, as smooth & as seamless, as possible.  In order for this to be done, it will require the station to go offline for a few short periods of time, as we swap out the sources, and hook up another device, that will enable the same clean, crisp sound, that you know us for.

. So, before you know it, you will be listening to clean, crisp, clear sound, without us having to interrupt the stream. Unless there is a breakage, or a power outage, outages should be kept to to a minimal. We apologize for any inconvenience, this may cause.  Please feel free to comment / email, or contact us with questions, suggestions, or comments.  Keep it tuned “Right Here“!!

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