“Bigger” Sometimes Does Mean “Better”.

We have the technology to make it better, faster, and more informative!!   That’s right!!  He is back!!  Covering news, weather, traffic, local events, and entertainment with the in depth, and unmatched profesional photojournalism coverage that is well known throughout Halifax Regional Municipality, and beyond.  Sean Dewitt  is now back out there, reporting, when it happens, as it happens.  There are now two ways to access Waterfront Media Hfx .  You can either click on over to The 902 ~ HXIR,  click on “More“, scroll down to “Waterfront Media Hfx“, click on the image, which will take you there, or you can access the page directly, by simply typing the following link, into your browser:


Waterfront Media Hfx page is now online.  Click on over to the best news coverage, in the province!!

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