June 30, 2017

At Exactly 12:00 PM, on July, 1st of 2014, The 902 ~ HXIR Launched

         Although, back then, some may remember us starting off as “Bridgeview Internet Radio”, We have grown into a multi – genre music power house.  Here we are, 3 years later.  We have you, our valued listeners to thank.  We look forward to entertaining you, on into the future.  We Are, “The 902 ~ HXIR…..

Do You Think That This Guy Might Be A Bob Segar Fan?

Spotted today in Rome on the North Rome Connector, aka the bypass.  Perhaps he is making ready to work on some “Night Moves”?   And wait!!  That picture looks like it could be “Main Street”. 

An Excellent Day To Be Out-Doors, If You Can.

          This is what it looks like, high above our studios, right now. 

Another Wet Weekend!!

              Its looks like the weather forecast is all down-hill, from here. Here is the latest forecast from Environment Canada. Today,  Sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h this afternoon. High 24 except 18 along parts of the coast. UV index 10 or very high. Tonight Partly cloudy. Becoming cloudy near midnight with 30 percent…..

Look For A Star Canada Day Weekend Special

        With this coming weekend being The Canada Day long weekend, We will be airing a Look For A Star Canada Day weekend special, Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday evening at 6:00 PM.  This week, Look For A Star features everything Canadian!!  

Flying Over The, … .

       Music from the motion picture coming up, in the next hour!!                                             https://www.the902hxir.ca/  

Auto Play Requests Coming Soon!!

       Once we get a few things cleared up, over the next few months, you will soon be able to request a track, online, and hear it most immediately.  So, soon enough, we will be all over the map!!  

One Last Look At Tropical Depression Cindy

      This is the latest graphic, issued at 07:00 CDT.  Tropical Depression Cindy should impact the Maritimes, late Friday, into Saturday.  This storm is mainly a rain event, so the wind should not be much of a factor, as the wind gusts should not be much more than 50 Km/h.  

Here Is The Latest Tracking Of Tropical Storm Cindy

      It is starting to look like The Maritimes may have just dodged a bullet.  Although it is still too early yet to predict the exact path of Cindy, the latest forecast model puts the storm’s center, just off the coast, if it does not break up, before it hits Canada.  Stay tuned for the latest…..

Special “Look For A Star” Re Broadcast

        In honour of today, having been declared “National Aboriginal Day”, by the federal government, there will be a special re broadcast of Look For A Star, this evening at 6:00 PM.  The spotlight event, showcases Buffy Sainte Marie.  Tune in for 2 hours of entertainment and enlightenment!!  Don’t Miss It!!  

The Latest Tracking Of Tropical Storm Cindy

      Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to make landfall, somewhere along the Texas / Louisiana border,  mid day, Thursday.  Flood warnings have already been posted for the central & eastern states.  As the track of the storm, progresses, Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to impact The Maritimes, later Friday, and into Saturday.   

Tropical Storm Cindy To Impact Eastern Canada, On Friday

      Here we go, again!!  It is the season.  Forecasters are monitoring Cindy, as she makes landfall near the Texas / Louisiana border,  making a track toward the Maritimes.  The system is expected to hit The Maritimes, Friday late, into Saturday.  The impact of this storm is not the wind, but rather copious amounts of rain. …..